Dog training -

  • Relief of destructive behaviour
  • Snappy/bitey behaviour/jumping up
  • Nervous/aggressive tendancies
  • Dog to dog/people problems
  • Chewing and disruptive behaviour
  • Owner guidance
  • Barking issues
  • Separation anxiety
  • Lead pulling
  • Experienced in all breeds and backgrounds including ex-racing greyhounds and rescue.
Most of the above can be added to a one hour walk for a fee of £6 or as a visit to your home or place of choice for training and advice, £35, which ensures your dogs training progress is intense and concentrated. Please call for more info.
* We train you too, not just your dog!

One to one Puppy classes - £20 For 30 mins (in your home)​ or £35 for an hour. Please contact us for more info :)

Dog walking​ -

1 hour group walk - £12 for one dog and second dog from same household 25% reduction.
All walks are conducted in fields, woods and parks. We practice socialisation and recall as standard although if this needs special attention, training costs will be added. We feel varying where we walk reduces any risk or boredom and territorial tendancies. Boredom can lead to the dogs feeling uninspired and may even increase desire to wander off in search of new smells!

We do offer Individual walks although they are subject to staff availability. £15

Doggy day care -

Half day (up to four hours) - £15 Full day (up to eight hours) - £24
Anything over including sleepover - £28. puppy prices are less up until 8 months of age.

Puppy visits/elderly dog visits - £7.50

Top Secret Missi0ns - (more info) Max 8 dogs with two walkers or 12 dogs and 3 walkers as this ensures maximum attention and safety - £30 (individual) or £45 for two (same household) P.s. this will be a four to six hour trip and is so recommended!! (see our facebook gallery!)

Prices differ for multiple dogs, please contact us