Welcome to Swaggle. We are a professional team of dog trainers and walkers in Larkfield with 13 years’ experience under our belts working for Battersea, RSPCA and one of us as a dog warden for the council for 5 years.
Our aim is to bring a difference and fun to dog walking and dog training in and around Maidstone. We want you to feel complete trust and safety in the knowledge that we will look after your number one whilst providing a superior service with the utmost fun possible.
This isn’t just about giving your dog the best walks, it’s also about letting you, as the owner, indulge in a little slice of fantasy. Imagine sending a child to a pirates party you don’t expect them to go there, sit down for some food and come home do you? They go there dressed up to have fun, exhaust themselves and interact with others and it's just the same on our walks. We want your dog to be stimulated, fulfilled and part of a society that has just been introduced to the doggy world. Our Swaggle dogs don’t just walk, they run, play, swim, socialise and much more.
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Swaggle are offering training at very little cost as we know how important it is to instate the basic commands in order to have a lovely, well rounded dog. We provide all aspects of training and include you in this training too.
Please see our services and prices page for more info :)

We have decided to start this business to inject some passion and excitement into your dogs’ routine, they deserve to have the best quality of life for the few short years you have them and we want to make it as easy and pleasurable as possible for you to enjoy them at their very best

Here are some of the amazing benefits of giving your dog regular walks.
  • Can lengthen and improve your dogs’ life
  • Energy release can help eliminate separation anxiety and destructive behaviour
  • Energy release will create a easier dog to train.
  • Creates a purpose to the naturally curious explorer that canines are
  • Exposes your dog to sights, sounds and smells to aid mental stimulation
  • Confidence building through socialisation and exposure to new objects such as prams, bikes, water, skateboards etc.
  • Helps keep you dog fit and healthy.
  • Knowledge that your dog isn't left at home whilst you're at work but out having fun with us.
​See our current customers! Dog walker Maidstone | experienced dog trainer "I'm Helena and here's a little about my background. I studied for diplomas for three years in animal care and management at college then moved on to working in Battersea as a kennel hand progressing on to being an animal welfare officer. I then moved onto working for the RSPCA where i was able to assess dogs' behaviour in depth from when they arrived with me before they were suitably re-homed. This was almost always difficult, abuse or neglect cases and I had to use my range of skills to adapt to each one and this has armed with with the knowledge and confidence to help train other canines to suit their owners desires.

I then went on to work for the council as a dog warden, which I did for five years, this extended my knowledge of dog behaviour and has allowed me to begin this amazing company with the confidence in knowing that I can complete each task to the best standard required by each owner.
More importantly it has taught me to treat every dog individually and custom make each training package to suit each dog" ~ Helena.

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Areas of coverage:
  • Maidstone
  • Larkfield
  • Aylesford
  • West malling
  • East malling
  • Teston
  • Hollingbourne
  • Snodland