Evening Swaggle Family! I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Amy and I am Lottys new helper 😊 I have 3 dogs (4 by saturday 😄) Bella, Maya and Maverick. As well as cats, rats and guinea pigs 🙈 I have a number of years experience caring for dogs and fostering for the rescue that Maya and Mav came from. I have diplomas in animal psychology, canine behaviour training and dog obedience training also.
Over the last couple of weeks, I have been getting to know all the wonderful puppers in the Swaggle family, and hope to provide 1-2-1 training and behavioural sessions as well as the fab day to day walks. I look forward to spending more time with the #swagglefamily and getting to know all the owners where possible. Thank you ❤
December was our busiest month, not only do we have lots of new customers but we have our customers who have been with us for a long time. Go to our about us page to find out why people choose us as dog walkers.
The van has had it's final makeover after months of not knowing how to design it! It's finally taken shape and has vet bed and cushions in the crates for ultimate comfort. Your dogs will enjoy the journey between home and walk in style and pure tranquility.
Please keep your eyes peeled for grass seeds in this dryer weather, they can be so dangerous to your dogs health. They can bore into the soft skin and any orifice is a new home to them. Be especially vigilant if your dog has long or curly fur, this is the perfect hiding and place and ladder to the skin.
If you have walked somewhere dry and grassy, make sure you check your dogs fur, mouths, paws and skin after your walk. 
We have some amazing success stories under our belts ranging from relieving nervous behaviour with our little friend Ivy to helping lovely Rupert the ex-racing greyhound with his aggression towards certain breeds. Some are a work in progress with set tasks to complete in each session, like our Cocker Spaniel, Millie, who is a little afraid of the world around her and needs some understanding and socialisation to help her realise that other people and other dogs aren't going to hurt her. With our years of experience in the industry we know we can help with such a variety of issues.
One of the most important things to teach your pup, young or not so young, is how to be sociable. There's nothing nicer for you and your dog to feel confident when approaching/being approached by another dog and knowing your dog will behave how you want her to. Life is much simpler when your dog isn't nervous and under socialised. 
We offer great socialisation lessons to both you and your dog so you know how to handle different situations, we also show you how to read another dogs' body language so you can gauge the situation and whether or not you want your canine friend to engage with the other dog. see our Gallery for pics!
we are more than experienced (and insured) to look after your dog in our home for as long as you may need. We take you dog out for twice daily walk, or as required, 24 hour supervision and plenty of care and love is available. Message for info :)
We are looking for more dogs for our weekly beach outings where your dogs really do have the time of their lives. It's a four hour round trip and guarantees a tired, happy, extremely sandy dog on return. E-mail, text or call us and we'll arrange at date to suit you.